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Tell you about the composition of Dalian double column CNC vertical car

2022-03-15 14:54:24


The CNC vertical lathe is composed of supporting parts, spindle parts, control system, servo system, automatic tool change device, automatic pallet change system and auxiliary system. The supporting parts are composed of bed, column and worktable. They are the basic parts of the machining center, mostly iron castings. The spindle speed control device is mainly composed of digital DC speed regulating device and DC motor; PLC is used for enabling control, and the function is realized by controlling DC motor. The rectifier is a full digital compact rectifier with three-phase AC power input, which can supply power to the armature and excitation for variable-speed DC drive. The compact rectifier can be used in parallel.

In the actual production and application of NC vertical lathe, in order to improve the use efficiency of small vertical lathe, we must carefully analyze the parts processed by the lathe, and clarify the material, structural characteristics, geometric tolerance requirements, roughness, heat treatment and other technical requirements of the parts. Then on this basis, a reasonable milling process and a simple machining route are selected. Then select the appropriate tool to improve the efficiency of small vertical lathe.

2、 Maintenance process of CNC vertical lathe

1. The vertical lathe operator must be familiar with the vertical lathe performance, structure and numerical control system, and work with certificates. It is prohibited to use equipment with super performance.

2. After the main motor is started, first check whether the lubricating oil pump works normally through the oil window at the head of the bed, and inject oil into each lubricating point.

3. Before starting the main shaft, check whether the speed change handle of the main shaft box is in the correct position, and then try the machine, and the speed changes from low to high.

4. Before processing products, it is necessary to check whether the machine tool carriage and middle carriage are at the origin, and the product can be processed only after confirming that the processing procedure is correct.

5. After the daily work is completed and the vertical car is cleaned, the large carriage and middle carriage must return to the original point, and the power can be turned off only after confirmation.

6. When the vertical lathe is working, it is strictly prohibited for workers to leave the post, so as to avoid accidents caused by CNC system failure or workpiece looseness.

7. When the operator of the vertical lathe changes the program, he must notify the technicians to change it after they are in place, so as to prevent the program from getting out of control. When loading and unloading workpieces or the operator leaves the vertical lathe, he must stop the operation of the main motor.

8. Implement the after shift maintenance and oiling system, and remove the oil from the large and small carriage before turning the workpiece, so as to prevent the track from being damaged due to the adhesion of iron powder to the track

9. In case of machine tool failure or accident, cut off the power supply, protect the site, report to relevant personnel in time and deal with it according to the company's rules.

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