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About Dalian single column double lift vertical car manufacturer, share the characteristics of single column vertical car with you

2022-03-15 14:16:14


1、 What do you know about the types of vertical lathes? Dalian single column double lift vertical car company to talk to you

Vertical lathe is a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment, which is mainly used to process large and heavy workpieces. It is a workpiece with relatively large radial size but relatively small axial size, such as the end face and cylindrical surface of various discs, wheels and sets of workpieces. In addition, if it is used with some additional devices, it can be used for thread turning, spherical turning, profiling, milling and grinding.

1. Kind

Vertical lathes can generally be divided into single column type and double column type. If they are small, single column type is generally adopted, and if they are large, double column type is generally adopted.

2. Characteristics

(1) The installation and adjustment of the workpiece are convenient, and the rigidity of the worktable is good, so it can cut smoothly.

(2) The machining accuracy is good, and the tool can be changed quickly during the operation of the machine.

(3) Its layout can effectively reduce the load of spindle and bearing, so it can maintain good working accuracy for a long time.

3. Service environment requirements

It is placed in a constant temperature environment, away from vibration and electromagnetic interference.

4. Maintenance

(1) The operator shall be familiar with the structure, performance and use method of the machine to avoid damaging the machine.

(2) The machine shall be maintained and lubricated regularly so that the machine can work smoothly.

(3) When operating the vertical lathe, the operator shall abide by the operating procedures and safety operating procedures, and illegal operation is strictly prohibited.

(4) Prevent dust and foreign matters from entering the machine, so as to avoid failure of the machine and damage to components and even the machine itself.

2、 Operating procedures of vertical lathe

1. The rough surface of the workpiece shall not be directly placed on the worktable, but shall be supported by sizing block or screw top; It is forbidden to use the worktable for other operations, such as hammering to correct workpieces, welding workpieces, etc.

2. When aligning the workpiece, only jog the worktable to rotate and align at low speed, and do not align at high speed.

3. When starting and stopping the workbench, the starting and stopping handle of the workbench can only be pulled by hand, and pedaling is strictly prohibited.

4. When the worktable rotates, it is not allowed to do beam lifting and rapid movement of tool rest.

5. When moving the beam, loosen the clamping device first, and clamp it immediately after moving. After the beam is lowered each time, it should be raised a little to eliminate the clearance between lead screws and nuts.

6. Gravity cutting is not allowed when the ram of vertical tool holder and side tool holder extends for a long time; When machining with vertical tool holder, especially for gravity cutting, the pillars should be lowered to the position close to the work as far as possible.

7. During intermittent cutting, the feed and table speed shall be appropriately reduced.

8. When changing speed, the control lever must be pushed to the specified position. If the gear is not meshed well, it shall be adjusted by inching after operation, and forced operation is not allowed.

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