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About Dalian single column double lift vertical car manufacturer, share the characteristics of single column vertical car with you

2022-03-15 14:13:54


Single column vertical lathe is a kind of lathe, that is, the universal ordinary lathe in the vertical lathe series. It is suitable for turning the outer circle, outer cone, inner hole and inner cone of various small and medium-sized ring parts, shell, flange and other parts, as well as drilling, reaming and boring.

1、 Structure and characteristics of single column lathe

1. The main gearbox adopts hydraulic transmission; The rotation speed of the worktable is selected by the manual rotary valve and realized by electro-hydraulic operation;

2. The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure maintaining device;

3. The beam clamping mechanism adopts spring clamping and hydraulic loosening;

4. Equipped with digital display device (special order required *);

5. Main gearbox and worktable spindle support and transmission automatic lubrication;

6. The tension of the main drive belt, the clearance of the main shaft bearing, the clearance of the vertical ram nut and the clamping force of the cross beam can be adjusted;

7. The feeding mechanism is equipped with a safety device;

8. Cj5710 fixed beam vertical lathe has no stroke for fixing its cross beam and no side tool rest.

2、 About the performance of single column vertical car

Small vertical single column vertical lathe, vertical lathe base, console, plate bed, load-bearing beam and other large objects shall be made of gray cast iron with high compressive strength and good wear resistance, which shall be quenched to remove thermal stress and no deformation.

There are two ways for the vertical cutter table of single column vertical lathe, square ram and manual pentagonal cutter table. The side cutter table is equipped with square cutter table, and both cutter tables are balanced by hydraulic press. The spindle bearing transmission system of CNC lathe is driven by AC motor and organized by 16 level spindle bearing speed regulation to complete the scope of speed ratio of the operating table. According to the customer's regulations, digital display, electric grinding wheel and accessories of car finish can be added, and all dragging positions can be fully automatic lubricated.

Vertical lathes belong to large and medium-sized industrial equipment, which are used to produce and process large, medium-sized and super heavy product workpieces with large axial specifications and relatively small radial specifications, such as the round surface, inner hole, conical surface, cylindrical hole and conical hole of various disc, wheel and shaft parts. They can also rely on additional equipment to carry out the production and processing of external thread, curved surface, profiling, cutting and cutting.

Compared with the horizontal lathe, the workpiece of the single column vertical lathe is clamped in the clamping decoration design of the NC lathe, while the spindle bearing center line of the vertical lathe of the NC machine tool is vertically and reasonably arranged, and the cabinet table of the operating table is in the horizontal plan, so the clamping and alignment of the product workpiece is more convenient. This kind of reasonable layout alleviates the load of spindle bearing and rolling bearing, so the vertical lathe can maintain the precision in work for a long time.

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