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Price of single column vertical lathe

Price of single column vertical lathe

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Price of single column vertical lathe

Automatic measurement principle and program of NC vertical lathe

1. Measurement principle and procedure

(1) The measuring principle makes use of the characteristics of the tool holder moving coordinates (x, z) controlled by the NC vertical lathe, and converts the coordinates according to the size of the workpiece drawing to form a measuring program. A self-made probe is installed on the tool holder of the tool holder to touch the surface of the workpiece and move and pause (reading) according to the measurement program to realize the measurement. In the measurement, single point or multi-point continuous measurement can be carried out (depending on the observation experience of the dial indicator and important measuring points). The measurement control principle.

In the measurement program, several measuring points are selected according to the machining surface for the conversion of and Z coordinates, that is, the machining size on the drawing is changed into the measuring point size of the moving tool holder, completely avoiding the coordinate size in the original machining, so as to achieve the purpose of checking the machining program. The number of measuring points shall be selected appropriately. The more measuring points, the stronger the authenticity of reflecting the workpiece profile error, but the more complicated the measurement program is, which is not conducive to operation; Too few measuring points can not reflect the accuracy of workpiece profile. Therefore, the number of measuring points shall be selected according to the following principles.

(2) There should be two deep points close to the coordinates of the starting point and end point of the profile (such as the starting point and end point of the straight line and arc);

(3) There shall be a coordinate of the middle measuring point of the profile;

(4) Select 2 ~ 4 measuring points according to the characteristics of the profile, and the location of these measuring points shall be subject to the shape and dimensional accuracy of the profile.

2. Measurement procedure

The control function of NC vertical lathe has "current position display, and the operator can intuitively determine the coordinate position of tool movement. The measurement program is to convert the coordinate of tool movement path into the moving coordinate of measuring point, and help to observe" the displayed value of current position to confirm the position of measuring point. Because the dial indicator in the probe is. If the reference state is lowered to zero and the measuring points of each profile meet the size requirements specified in the drawing, the reading of the dial indicator is zero, otherwise the reading value is the error value between the machined part and the size specified in the drawing.

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