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Single column vertical lathe wholesale

Single column vertical lathe wholesale

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Single column vertical lathe wholesale

Tool setting method of NC vertical lathe?

There are many kinds of tool setting methods for NC vertical lathe, such as setting workpiece zero point with G50, direct tool test method, setting zero point for workpiece movement, etc. Different methods show different effects, but they are generally divided into the following two types.

1. Set the knife by trial cutting method. After clamping the workpiece and tool, drive the spindle to rotate and move the tool holder to try to cut a section of outer circle of the workpiece. Then, keep the X coordinate unchanged, move the z-axis tool away from the workpiece, and measure the diameter of the outer circle of this section. Input it into the tool length in the corresponding tool parameters, and the system will automatically subtract the diameter of the outer circle from the current X coordinate of the tool, that is, the position of the X origin of the workpiece coordinate system will be obtained. Then move the tool to try cutting one end face of the workpiece, and enter Z0 in the tool width in the corresponding tool parameters. The system will automatically subtract the value just entered from the Z coordinate of the tool at this time to obtain the position of the Z origin of the workpiece coordinate system.

2. The tool setting instrument automatically sets the tool. The CNC vertical lathe manufactured by Ruihua machinery is equipped with a tool setting instrument. Using the tool setting instrument to set the tool can avoid the error caused by measurement and greatly improve the tool setting accuracy. Because the tool setting instrument can automatically calculate the difference between the tool length and the tool width of each tool and store it in the system, only the standard tool is needed when machining other parts, which greatly saves time. It should be noted that the tool setting instrument is generally equipped with standard tools. When setting the tool, first set the standard tool.

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