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Single column vertical lathe manufacturer

Single column vertical lathe manufacturer

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Single column vertical lathe manufacturer

It is suitable for processing medium and small-sized disc and cover parts, high-strength cast iron base and column, has good stability and seismic performance, vertical structure, convenient clamping of workpieces, small floor area, adopts oil-water separation structure, so that the cooling water is clean, environment-friendly and durable. The separated cooling water tank is convenient for cleaning the precision and high stiffness cartridge type spindle structure, and is convenient for maintenance. The spindle sleeve is fully symmetrical and suspended, To better eliminate the influence of thermal deformation on machining accuracy, high-power AC spindle motor enhances the stability of machine tool operation. The spindle is lubricated with imported high-grade grease, fully enclosed, maintenance free. The bed saddle and column guide rail are overweight load linear rolling guide rails, with good dynamic response performance and high precision retention. It is equipped with high-quality 6-station vertical electric tool holder, high rigidity, rapid tool change and reliable centralized machine tool operation panel, It makes the operation more convenient and fast. The X / Z axis adopts high-precision ball screw and special bearing for lead screw, which has good accuracy retention, integral full sealing protection, environmental protection and cleaning.

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