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Price of single column CNC vertical lathe

Price of single column CNC vertical lathe

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Price of single column CNC vertical lathe

What is the tool setting of CNC vertical lathe?

1. Tool setting point is a point used to determine the relative position relationship between tool and workpiece It is the point to determine the relationship between the workpiece coordinate system and the lathe coordinate system.

2. The starting point is the starting point of the tool relative to the workpiece, that is, the starting position of the tool tip point at the beginning of the machining program. It is often used as the end point of the machining program.

3. Tool location is a point representing the characteristics of the tool, which is generally a point on the tool. The tool location of the pointed turning tool is the imaginary tool tip point, and the tool location of the circular turning tool is the center of the circular arc.

4. The tool change point is the point designated for the tool change position in the NC machining program. It should be noted that the position of the tool change point should avoid interference with the workpiece fixture and lathe.

5. The purpose of NC vertical lathe tool setting is to adjust the tool position of each tool of the lathe to be placed on the tool setting point (the tool setting point can be set on the part, fixture or lathe), so as to start machining the workpiece, otherwise the tool will collide.

To make an analogy, tool setting is like the high-speed road we usually take. We can only go down when we find the entrance to the road. The programming in the NC system represents the direction of the road, and tool setting is equivalent to the entrance to the highway. If we run the program directly without tool setting, the lathe cannot know where to start processing. This is because the coordinate system of the NC vertical lathe without tool setting is different from that of the workpiece, That's why I hit the knife.

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