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Double column CNC vertical lathe manufacturer

Double column CNC vertical lathe manufacturer

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Double column CNC vertical lathe manufacturer

When using the vertical CNC lathe, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the vertical CNC lathe, so that the service time of the vertical lathe will be relatively long without affecting the efficiency of processing and production.

1、 How to solve the problem of noise when the NC vertical lathe is shut down and the total power supply in the workshop trips?

1. First, check the inspection of power supply system by workshop electrician. The position of the tripped automatic air circuit breaker is corroded due to the humidity in the switch box. In addition, there is only a small part of three-phase contacts in one of the three-phase contacts. You can touch it. Secondly, the workshop power supply transformer has small capacity and overload.

2. One of the thyristors of the CNC vertical lathe was burnt out. Check the driving circuit. The trigger pulse of phase B is very short, which is only one quarter of the amplitude of the normal trigger pulse. It is further verified that the performance of amplifier T3 in B-phase trigger circuit is poor.

3. The results of thyristor phase loss in rectifier state and inverter state of NC vertical lathe are different. However, if it is during shutdown and deceleration, that is, in the case of inverter, the thyristor with high trigger potential is also turned on, and the front thyristor is turned off by back pressure. At this time, there is a problem when the thyristor is turned off, because it has been in a forward blocking state for a long time.

4. If the voltage of the workshop power supply system is normal without large fluctuation, the thyristor may not be burned out. The fault was caused by large voltage fluctuation of AC power grid, small capacity of workshop transformer, overload operation, small trigger pulse amplitude of phase B positive group, damage of main switch box of workshop power supply system, etc.

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