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Wholesale of double column CNC vertical lathe

Wholesale of double column CNC vertical lathe

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Wholesale of double column CNC vertical lathe

What are the factors affecting the accuracy of CNC vertical lathe?

1. Under the control of computer, CNC vertical lathe can carry out more precise, high-quality and efficient grinding, which is more economical than special grinder. Therefore, it has good flexibility and greater economic benefits.

2. The processed parts should meet the process requirements, not only complex processing, but also some complex processes, such as ring grinding.

3. It is difficult for a single CNC vertical lathe to complete all the processing of a part. It must coordinate with other equipment, which requires the production workshop to achieve balance.

When we prepare for processing, the whole preparation also occupies a certain position, which is often dozens or even hundreds of times the processing time of a single part. Although some parts are processed in small batches, the shape is very large and complex, and the quality requirements are very high. In fact, these CNC vertical lathe parts can be reused, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and cost.

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