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Double column vertical lathe wholesale

Double column vertical lathe wholesale

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Double column vertical lathe wholesale

Safety operation process of NC vertical lathe

1. When entering the operation room, you must wear appropriate work clothes and work hats, tie your shirt into your pants, tie open sleeves tightly, and women must include long hair in their hats; It is forbidden to wear high heels, slippers, sandals, skirts, shorts and scarves to avoid scalding.

2. It is forbidden to wear gloves during operation, and the work clothes, collars and cuffs shall be fastened.

3. Before starting the machine tool, check whether the chuck wrench is removed and whether the speed change handle of the machine tool is in the correct position.

4. Do not change the handle when each mechanism of the machine tool is running. If the handle position is changed, it must be carried out after parking.

5. It is forbidden to touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or any other means.

6. It is forbidden to install and disassemble the tool when the spindle rotates.

7. The tools used to clamp the workpiece and adjust the tool shall not be placed on the guide rail of the machine tool.

8. It is forbidden to touch the knife tip and iron filings by hand. It should be handled with a brush and hook.

9. During automatic machining, it is forbidden to open the protective door of the machine tool.

10. During operation, it is forbidden to make trouble in the workplace.

11. If two or more people are required to complete a certain work, they should cooperate with each other. One person must be responsible for safety. They must say hello before driving to prevent accidents.

12. After the operation, cut off the power supply and clean the iron filings on the surface of the workbench and the sanitation of the site.

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